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Cabin Breakfast: Dash Cooker #2

We got out of dodge for a couple of days with the dogs and stayed in an awesome 1-room cabin in the woods. Since full electric is a must for me, I brought some HEROS along to do some cooking. The quote of the day from K as I was preparing this breakfast: “You continue to impress me every day.” Bottle that for a rainy day, for sure.

The Dash Egg Bite cooker (from Target) made these delicious morsels from 2 scrambled eggs in about 7 minutes. I added some cheese and chopped bacon - perfect for travel cooking and adding some zip. Last weekend I made them with chopped spinach and kale - also delicious but I didn’t want to mess with greens on this trip. This thing really is perfect for 1 or 2 people and the flavor possibilities are endless.

I finished off the breakfast with a simple buttered bagel but next the Egg Bite Cooker will be used to make bagel egg sliders with sliced salami and provolone. Don’t tell K yet - I want to impress him again!!!

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